“Hello there my name is Elizabeth. I had fun with my sculpture.
What material did I make it out of? I made it out of a big box, soft foam, merino wool, a bottle with sand in it, pipe cleaners and thin material.
It was fun because when I was doing it I was getting messy, but I was having too much fun, that is why I did not care.
When I finished I felt proud because when I look at it, it looks like the queen of Africa and when ever somebody looks at my sculpture, they say how that art is so beautiful.”

Elizabeth Lagawo
Age 10.
Christchurch C of E Primary School 2012

“Hannah fulfilled our brief brilliantly, using the ideas and work generated by the children to inform her design, the creation and components of the sculpture. The children were simply delighted with a final piece of art which they were involved with from start to finish and could interact with as part of their outdoor environment”

Sian Phillips
Rosendale Primary School 2011

“I have worked with Hannah and Esther several times over the years and each time the process has been as important as the product for the children and the staff.
At my current school year 3 made an outstanding mosaic which will last the test of time. I think the way they work is based on the principles of good learning and so the projects are never tokenistic and the outcomes do not date.
I can highly recommend them.”

Craig Voller
Headteacher Goodrcih Primary School 2013

“Creativity is the freest form of self-expression. There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling for children than to be able to express themselves openly and without judgement. Working in collaboration with Hannah and Esther provides ways to create multi-ethnic, multi-cultural community experiences for children at Christ Church Primary School. Activities that encourage children to bring their ideas to life enhance their creative development and confidence.
Hannah and Esther are truly gifted and talented artists; they understand the importance of igniting that creative ‘spark’ to make art a memorable experience.
There have been changes, which I hardly dared to believe were happening in our creative development. Because of Hannah and Esther’s passion, there has been a reawakening within children and adults of imagination and expression.”

Wanda Esterhuizen
Year 1 Teacher
Christchurch C of E Primary School

“We have loved working with Hannah and Esther over the years. They have had such a positive impact on the children to the point where children are still referencing work they did with them over 18 months ago. It has been lovely to see children grow in confidence through their sessions with them. They are immensely proud of what they have achieved and love having their work on show on such a grand scale. There is a real sense of collective responsibility for the school environment now that school is full of their high quality art work by the pupils. We look forward to a continued partnership with Hannah and Esther and all of the benefits that this will bestow upon our children.”

Jakki Rogers
Deputy Headteacher
Christchurch Primary C of E School