Artists Hannah Littlejones and Esther Adesigbin work collaboratively, in schools, and with community groups.  They have over 20 years of experience as a practising artists and teachers.

Upside Arts is a celebration of their shared art work and teaching practice.

“For us it is important to create learning possibilities via fun ‘hands on’ making.  We love working with others and watching their imaginations unfold, and seeing fresh and exciting art emerge!

We draw inspiration from global art and culture, to find creative starting points, and to explore ideas about identity, heritage, and belonging.

We have longstanding experience in running workshops and events, and using low tech equipment and recycled materials in an innovative and resourceful way.

Our art work is enhanced by the history and tradition of the artisan, we aspire to combine fine art and craft aesthetics with large scale sculptural, and architectural design.

The exchange of  ideas, through our partnership, and collaborations with schools, communities, and artists, is a constant source of creative inspiration and enrichment.”

Hannah Littlejones and Esther Adesigbin

Hannah Littlejones has a BA in Fine Art: Sculpture, and a PGCE.

Esther Adesigbin has a BA in Fine Art: Painting, and an MA in Ceramics and Glass.